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How to choose a company for IT outsourcing?

Comparison of countries for IT outsourcing
Dmitry Drigo
CEO of SDH Digital Solutions, LLC
As time goes by, all owners of large businesses have decided to use the services of professional computer service providers and often give preference to outsourcing. In this article we will analyze further which organization can be trusted with its equipment.

How to choose a company for IT outsourcing? Comparison of countries for IT outsourcing

In order to close the need in this question, it is necessary to study in detail what is offered in the IT market now, when the number of such companies keeps growing every year in an arithmetic progression, and many of them partially or fully work abroad.

Why move jobs abroad? It's simple: because of savings. It's not just programmers, designers and developers who work in other countries while at home. They also work in accounting, finance and economics. Administrative remote employment is also gaining popularity.

The IT industry has long entered international markets and has no specific borders in terms of providing its services. The practice of hiring a developer from third-world countries began in the U.S. to save budgets, and get excellent quality services at affordable prices. Of course, there are programmers and administrators of their own in America too, and they are no worse than foreign ones. But the local ones will be much more expensive.

It is not only Americans who practice hiring foreign IT companies. Almost in any country they prefer to look for less expensive ways, so they choose foreign companies. Having looked around in advance and carefully analyzing the international market, you can choose a really great company for IT outsourcing, with quality services at a reasonable price.

What does the search of a company for IT outsourcing look like?

It does not differ from any other search query on the Internet: in the Google search bar a query like "IT Outsourcing", "how to choose a company for IT outsourcing", "best IT outsourcing companies", "countries with IT outsourcing", etc. is typed.

This is the easiest and most accessible option for everyone. Another way: to browse business catalogues with sites in America, Europe, Asia, etc. They contain not only sites, resources and services with IT services, but also contact information, real feedback and a rating already formed on the basis of their work.

For example, catalogues Yelp, Clutch, Europages or Businessmagnet.

If the first two options do not fit, you can use the old-fashioned "sundress radio", that is, ask business partners, business friends or acquaintances. Those who have already used such services, so that they can recommend where to go.

So, after selecting several acceptable campaign options from the search for IT outsourcing, you should analyze what they are.
What to do:
• Examine the company's website or application;
• Look at the portfolio (what has already) or how it is being done;
• Find social media pages (how they write, what they write, whether there are feedback from clients);
• Read a corporate blog (what they write about, how they write it, and for whom);
• Send questions and price applications to several firms via the forms;
wait for an answer;
• Weigh everything up and make a final decision.

This approach will help you choose a reliable company for IT outsourcing.
The company was chosen, and prices for services do not fit - we are looking for cheaper! In another country.

Even before starting the search, an outsourcing company should be puzzled by the cost of services first in the domestic market of the country, and then look beyond its borders. As a rule, you can find there much cheaper and no less quality service.

Which countries and regions are best suited for IT outsourcing?

Programmers and developers live everywhere, but not everything in the world will be the same, because cultural and religious peculiarities as well as differences in mentality significantly affect people's work.

For example, it is useless to give an urgent assignment to a developer from Israel on a weekend (for example, Saturday). Usually it is normal to do something urgent over the weekend, but in this country the task will not be done for religious reasons.

Where to look, then? For cheap, professional and anytime?

Popular countries for IT outsourcing:
• Czech Republic;
• India;
• Pakistan;
• Russia;
• Ukraine;
• Belarus;
• Poland;
• Vietnam.
Before deciding which company to choose, communication skills, technical competence and professional experience, feedback, work examples, service costs, time differences, etc. should be taken into account.

But one should not hope either that programmers from India are very, very cheap. This is a common stereotype that you should avoid.

All customers are looking for the budget option, but in reality it can be different and not cheap.

For example, in India, specialists will answer "yes" to any requirements and requests. Simply because it is customary there. But this does not mean that everything will be done on time and without delay.

India remains one of the most popular countries for IT outsourcing. However, a few years ago it had to "move" due to serious competition. And today, Eastern Europe has taken first place and is the main region of IT outsourcing.

India's pros are still in saving the customer's budget and good (albeit accented) English.

The downside is that experts may not notice errors in the specification made by the client in time, and the difference in time will not allow to quickly clarify and correct everything.

Peter Ingram, IT Director at Addison Lee, told us how he works with Indian developers: "The guys from India agreed with everything, copied our mistakes and didn't ask us any questions.
He also worked with a team from Russia, which analyzed his proposal, clarified whether there was any functionality, noticed errors and asked why they did everything this way. In doing so they challenged the Hindus.

That's why more and more often foreign companies leave their choice on European, not Indian companies. Quality, responsibility, attentiveness and quick reaction - these are the characteristics of specialists from Europe.

From the minus to Eastern Europe for IT outsourcing - low level of foreign language skills (English), it may be somewhere a little better, but everything will depend on the company.

And also the prices in the same Ukraine or Czech Republic will be higher than in India. By the way, the Czechs have quite affordable solutions at optimal prices, and developers there have high knowledge and are very diligent.

If we look at Eastern Europe and look for outsourcing companies there, we should separately consider Belarus, which is considered almost Silicon Valley, where many programmers from the CIS countries work now.

It is one of the most advantageous options in terms of price and quality in the European IT market.

Why European specialists are in demand now:
• great experience;
• good knowledge base;
• high competence;
• technical skills at the highest level;
• time zones and time differences do not matter;
• no religious or cultural barriers;
• any budget.
In addition, developers from Europe can work at any time of day or night. This allows them to adjust to any customer's work schedule as needed. And you can always agree on a price.
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