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Software development of industrial solutions of any complexity.
We have been helping businesses in California and in the rest of the United States to launch their products and start-ups for over 6 years.

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We are pleased to announce that SDH Digital Solutions has been recognized as one of the Best Software Development Agencies in Los Angeles in 2020 and 2022!

Software Development of Industrial Software Solutions of Any Complexity

with wide range domain expertise including:
  • CRM for Healthcare Providers
  • Medical Marketplace
  • Secure Video Conferencing
  • BI & Analytics Systems
  • AI automated systems (neural networks, AI based chat-bots in messengers)
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  • CRM System for FinTech
  • Predictive Analytics Systems
  • Data Discovery and Visualization Blockchain
  • Technologies BI and Analytics Systems
  • BI Dashboards & Reporting Solutions
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  • Vehicle Marketplace
  • Data Analytical System
  • Plate Recognition System
  • CRM for Used Cars Dealers
  • BI & Analytics Systems
  • AI automated system (neural networks, AI based chat-bots in messengers)
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Media & Entertainment
  • Social Network Engines
  • CRM for Customers
  • Data Analytics Systems
  • Video brand monitoring for your business
  • Marketing and Analytics Solutions for the Music Industry
  • Video Brand Monitoring for Your Business
  • Marketing and Analytics Solutions for the Music Industry
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SDH is a Software Development Hub driven by the latest and disruptive technologies.
With a focus on user experience, we build products that solve problems in markets around the world. Our approach to projects defines us: we brainstorm, prototype, design, program, test, and then test again, before we celebrate the achievement of final products with clients.
The SDH team of app developers and engineers offers solutions built specifically for your business.

Our creativity and expertise will ensure that we build a custom, multi-platform application that covers your business goals, or share our knowledge to help your existing assets shine.

Here SDH manages the whole software development lifecycle.
SDH’s biggest asset is the expertise of its professional team. As a company, we realize that some of our clients may not need ready-made solutions or services, but we understand that anybody can benefit from the unique perspective that a group of seasoned digital professionals can offer.
SDH Contractor Services will provide you with off-site staff members to assist your team with additional IT and Digital skills. With development hubs in US and Europe, SDH can guarantee that each contractor will have a stellar skillset and optimal rates.
Get Enterprise Level Remote Access to Your Office Data
SDH has a special branch dedicated to IT Security, made up of talented experts in the field from all over the world. Our team can help your business address any security challenges it may encounter, be it from re-organizing internal processes or from implementing new technologies.

Our experts are always on hand to provide integrated and comprehensive security solutions. We offer complex services, such as information systems audit and penetration testing to simple one-off projects, such as app security.

We're experienced in building industrial solutions

Put Your Web-development Tasks on Auto-pilot
We bring digital products from validation to success because we care.
Maintenance of existing projects at
Zero downtime.
SDH provides a full-stack solution for document data extraction by merging AI with human-in-the-loop.

We provide full-stack automation with super-human accuracy by utilizing a humans-in-the-loop component on top of our AI algorithms.

Clients no longer need to manage an in-house team to supervise the process. From 40 to 100% of the client's team time is unleashed to serve customer loyalty and decision-making, with the benefits of increased conversion, reduced error and fraud, tighter compliance, etc.


Online vehicle trading system for licensed used car sellers and buyers.
Isina is a worldwide music talent search that opens opportunities for artists in all corners of the world.
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View Case Study
SPEEN is powering the used-car business and providing full service for selling and buying used cars through inspections, bidding process, payments proceeding, title paperworks and transportation.
Enhanced Business analytics
Title and Payments processing
Advanced search tools
Last second shooters prevention
5 types of users
Horizontal scalability
Only 20ms delay (without ping from user and to user) from user bid to notify all subscribers about this bid
Smart DDOS and bot blocker to prevent abnormal behavior.
Hosting costs optimization - less than 1 cent per active bidder (Small server can handle 500 simultaneous bidders)
Angular.JS and Laravel Frameworks
REST API for Mobile apps
High Speed transport for bids through WebSockets
VIN Decoder Solution
Huge DB with Car makes/models/trims
Image Preprocessor
Multilingual support with i8n Сustom solution for bots blocking
DDOS attack preventing
Isina is a worldwide music talent search that opens opportunities for artists in all corners of the world. Isina hacks the traditional way artists get discovered, giving you direct access to the big industry players and their connections – producers, labels, booking agents – who can help you reach your full potential and audience.
Demo Tracks Submition and payments
Audion/Video Streaming
Rataing and popularity caclulations
Voting & Competitions
User accounts
Popularity prediction
React.JS and Node.JS Frameworks
WebRTC for video streaming
Hight Load ans Scalable Micro Services architecture
Amazon AWS infrastructure
SQL + NoSql databases
TealHeal is the medical office where parts of the electronic health record (EHR) system are cloud based.
CatchStamps is a unique poststamps search engine.
TealHeal is the medical office of the future – where scheduling, data collection, reporting, billing, analytics and other parts of the electronic health record (EHR) system are cloud based. The latest information on standards of care and drugs and their interactions is embedded into the EHR system, which serves as a decision-making support tool.
Appointment Scheduling
AI based appointment distribution
HIPAA complain medical history records
Ratings + feedbacks
Payment integration
Custom EHR&EMR integrations
Secure Video Conferencing
Medical Equipment data transfer
.Net C#, React.JS, DJango
WebRTC for video streaming
Amazon AWS infrastructure
HIPAA Compliance
Encrypted MySQL
It was developed to serve millions of philatelists in the world to find rare poststamps. This Patented technology contains scalable web services for high load, Neural Networks to recognize post stamps and AI to improve searches.
AI/ML for text/picture recognition
Integrations w/ marketplaces
Advanced search tools
Subscription model
Laravel & Django Frameworks
REST API for Mobile apps
3M poststamp dataset
Text and Picture recognition
Multilingual support with i8n
Text Recognition Solution Based On Neural Networks and AI Machine Learning.
Implemented a AI-based solution for recognizing serial numbers of devices in photographs. Data was collected in the database and transferred to the client system with more than 100,000 photos. Definition accuracy is 91%.
Photos of different quality
Integration with the client system
The solution is located in the client infrastructure
Neural networks
— In-house development
Key Results
Totally 16 microservices running in Kubernetes (EKS) cluster, with various resources and replicas depending on service importance with autoscaling.
Automatic upscaling and downscaling based on active users with 20% extra resources to smooth out bursts.
Hybrid data storage with 80% NoSql (DynamoDb) and 20 SQL (Postgres) to unlimited autoscaling depending on the traffic.
Unlimited horizontal scaling with maximum 1 minute gap to extend any type and any amount of services.
Hosting costs optimization - less than 1 cent per active online user (Only 500$ per month can handle 10 000 active online users).

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About SDH Digital Solutions

We bring digital products from validation to success because we care.
40+ clients
Based in the US and other countries
60+ projects
We've helped start-ups and established companies with building web-based and mobile applications
1.5M lines of code
Our developers are experienced and qualified in solving complex tasks
45K hours
We are committed to achieving your project's goals on time

Technologies we cover & love

Quality Assurance
Machine Learning and AI
Neural networks, machine learning solutions, artificial intelligence, in-house chat-bot solution for messengers (Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram)

SDH Digital Solutions
Development Hubs

Our development team is geographically distributed.
Development Hub in Eastern Europe
Our offices take care of clients based in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.
Project & Product Management Team in Beverly Hills, CA
Our project and product management team is based in Beverly Hills, California. This way, you can be sure that we will always have our finger on the pulse of your project, whatever your time zone.

Our Customers

Some of the most innovative companies partner with SDH.

Our Partners

We are proud to be long-term partners with
  • Ronald Demuth
    President of Teal Ventures and Torrey Pines Investment
    We turned to SDH after an unsatisfactory 8-months long experience with a different development team. The team at SDH helped us to redevelop an application for one of our start up projects in just 6 weeks. Thanks to SDH, we were able to preserve the growth trajectory of our project and move ahead with its roll out. These guys keep to their promised timeline and keep their word! We feel comfortable turning to SDH for help with our most complicated and time sensitive projects.
  • Lena Frenzel
    CEO and Co-Founder of Lucid-Strategy
    It is imperative to have a reliable partner in the area of online services and application development. SDH has been that partner for our company since 2018. Working with the professionals at SDH is a pleasure as we can always be certain that our ideas will be heard and implemented as intended, and we can always rely on their very qualified advice.
  • Oleg Shmelev
    CEO and Founder in ISINA
    The SDH team successfully developed a unique engine for our project that automatically scales depending on the required workload. Thanks to the expertise of the SDH development team, we were able to reduce our hosting costs by 60-70%, while simultaneously improving content accessibility for our users. The SDH team also integrated audio and video streaming technologies and are actively pursuing AI development for the projects internal needs.
  • Dаriа Сhuikо
    Managing Director of ISОBАR Mоsсоw
    Isоbаr Моsсоw thanks the SDH team for the quality and professionally done work on creating chat bots for instant messengers. We recommend the SDH team as a business professional partner, responsibly performing profile work of any complexity, ready to help in any emerging issue.
  • Mike Kozin
    CEO and Founder of SPEEN
    The SDH team is made up of capable professionals able to turn an initial idea into a fully functioning online service in a matter of months. The team built a high load online portal for processing automotive transactions with integrated analytical functionality and plug-ins for external data sources and marketing instruments in record time.

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We are looking for an extraordinary project for web-development. We select the most interesting project and do it at cost of development! Because we care.
We Proud To Be an Exclusive
Technical Partner of Venture Fund
  • Torrey Pines Investment, founded in 2002, is a specialty life-science investment company located in San Diego.

    Our firm has created biopharma incubators investing in early development stage assets from international pharma and biotech partners in CNS, oncology, and virology area to bring them to commercial success through pharma partnering and M&A.
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