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Neural Networks: Fields of Usage

How to use neural networks in practice?
Dmitry Drigo
CEO of SDH Digital Solutions, LLC
Mankind has come up with something special to facilitate and automate, and it was created in the same way as the brain's own neural system. How to use neural networks in practice?
Modern science and technology are achieved through continuous development, improvement and the main idea of creating artificial neural networks is to enable the system to learn how to draw conclusions from the underlying data, from the human point of view.

But so far, this is only an urban theory, and networks are already actively used in practice and they have affected almost all aspects of our lives.

Neural networks application

The simplest example is the search engines, the same ones that enter millions of queries every day at all ends of the planet.

In search engines, networks are "smart" and are able to adapt to a specific query or user, selecting the most accurate response to it.

The same principle is used when setting up advertising: targeted and contextual.

Neural networks know how to search for something not only by a set of words in a search phrase phrase, but also by picture or image.

For example, to determine what kind of detail or object is depicted in the photo. Either search for a person or an animal by photo.

By the way, the image doesn't have to be a picture. You can search by the letters of the alphabet or even by handwriting. Networks can also scan and recognize handwritten text, and then translate it into typewritten text.

Neural networks have learned to look for relationships among thousands of data and parameters. This helps them make predictions such as: what can happen if...

For example, in the financial sector or the production sector. Forecasting in the economy takes place on several planes. This is done by groups of specialists, computer programs and, of course, artificial neural networks.

Because they are the ones that match and connect many nuances:
• currency rate;
• asset or property value;
• sales volume;
• risks, etc.

Therefore, in economics neural networks are engaged not only in forecasting, but also in risk assessment, rating, automated trading, optimization of financial flows, recognition of documentation and secure transactions.
Voice assistant
Any smartphone or computer has a remote voice assistant. Either it is there by default, or the user buys it along with his equipment (smart clock or speakers).

They perform functions ranging from playing your favorite music or home appliance to collecting important information or typing. Neural networks work there, too.

The system of remote automatic control or piloting is actively used not only in aviation and production halls.

The reality is that all modern cars have such a complex of systems as autopilots, which monitor the condition of the car and the driver, warning of seat belts, dangerous turns and can drive independently on all traffic rules. This is how neural networks replace humans.

Politics and sociology
Artificial neural networks have become so smart that they can predict the future. Like the election results.

And, to be more precise, on the basis of the conducted analysis of polls, an approximate rating of candidates is made.

Networks then identify socially relevant factors that affect people's opinions and why one candidate is better than the other regarding their value or importance as a winner.

In this way, neural networks visualise a huge amount of information, study the electorate, investigate the causes and consequences of a population's choices and, as a result, produce almost 90% accurate predictions.

Any image can be turned into a real masterpiece with the help of one of the neural network directions - photo filters. From the bright colors of nature to the clear contours of technology or other objects, neural networks can do it all.

Graphic applications and network add-ons help you take quality pictures of goods, buildings, cars or people. Which is indispensable for the development of modern business and humanity in general.

Neural networks in graphics are not only automatic Photoshop for face rejuvenation, but also the effects of extended space and extraterrestrial reality.
Antivirus is present in all computer devices and smartphones, and neural networks monitor and monitor our devices, and based on this data detect alien intrusions in the system.

According to the same principle, networks are used in the security of buildings and military facilities, only there is the identification of a person not only by his or her documents, but also by recognizing the fingerprint or retina.

In some areas, visual scanning of the face, signatures or voice is relevant.

What else can neural networks do for human safety:

• to recognize car license plates;
• to track transport movements;
• to detect fakes;
• analyze the image from video sensors and sensors;
• to make hypotheses and predictions from aerospace imagery.

Geological Exploration
According to satellite data, soil or water composition analyses, neural networks assess, together with specialists, the availability of mineral resources, seismic activity and new ways of extracting minerals.

Mobile or cellular communication also uses neural networks for optimization, fast response and routing.

In the workshops of factories and plants automatic systems are firmly in place of people, the latter are only needed for management and adjustment, in case of failure. Production processes regulate and optimize neural networks and they monitor, control the quality of the finished product and signal in case of accidents.

The same lines and equipment in production are big robots. They don't just produce, sort and pack. Robotic machinery lays roads, builds tunnels in the mountains and gas pipelines on the seabed.

They are controlled by a manipulator and, of course, by neural networks.

Play computer chess or checkers are loved by many. But not everyone can win at the computer. That's because artificial neural networks can analyze the game of real masters and champions in this game, and therefore predict all moves.

In addition to these games, there are a lot of entertainment applications and strategies, where neural networks replace the second player or opponent, so that to determine the person or car on the other side of the monitor is simply impossible.

The most important and noble sphere in which artificial neural networks are indispensable.

What they can and can do:
• help to diagnose and diagnose;
• process medical images (CT scans, MRIs, etc.);
• to clear the instrument readings of any extraneous noise;
• tracking the patient's condition;
• predict the results of the use of drugs or different treatments;
• are analyzing the efficacy of the treatment.

Where there's computer equipment, there's bound to be neural networks. Especially in the field of health and medicine.
This is a popular and in demand modern technology that allows a person to do here and now what it would take him a few hundred years, or maybe even more than a millennium.
The list of applications of artificial neural networks can be continued indefinitely, as it is difficult to name the technological process without the participation of a neural network.

This is a popular and in demand modern technology that allows a person to do here and now what it would take him a few hundred years, or maybe even more than a millennium.

The prospect for neural networks is huge, both for science and reality. And their popularity will only increase over the years.
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